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New Mexico Land Conservancy

Helping people conserve the places they love.


Conservation easements protect:

Working Lands    

Helping ranchers and farmers keep their properties whole and their heritage preserved, providing food and protecting New Mexico’s open space for public benefit.



Helping ensure that our watersheds remain whole and healthy – filtering and replenishing – and that precious, life-giving creeks, streams, and other water flows are protected.



Helping protect the natural resources that wildlife depend on: water, habitat, and open space for their migratory corridors and flyways. After all, wildlife and nature, in general, don’t recognize property lines!


Our Vision: One Million Acres Conserved!

Goal: 250,000 acres by 2020

197,047 acres so far!

Land Conservation protects water, too!

Land conservation can play a critical role in ensuring that our watersheds remain whole and healthy. New Mexico Land Conservancy efforts have led to:

Conservation of:

0 miles
of seasonal waterways

.. . . and an additional:

0 miles
of perennial rivers and streams

3 new conservation easement recorded in October 2018:
for a total of 5,936 new acres conserved!

Conserving land. Preserving heritage.

Our goal is to preserve New Mexico’s unique and diverse land heritage for conservation purposes and the benefit of local communities, the public, and future generations.

For Love of the Land

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