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Conserved Acres By Region
Northwest Region –   23,620
Northeast Region  – 110,748
Southeast Region  –   68,929
Southwest Region – 432,828
Eastern AZ Region –   19,519

Conservation: Landowners and Supporters Coming Together

Visionary landowners and committed supporters make it possible for the New Mexico Land Conservancy (NMLC) to protect and preserve high conservation-value land throughout the state.  Landowners protect their land in order to maintain productive farms and ranches, preserve wildlife habitat and scenic open space, and protect cultural and historic resources. This helps preserve the state’s natural and cultural heritage, small-scale and local food production, and ultimately contributes to a healthy economy and quality of life.

Protecting land by conservation easement represents a partnership in perpetuity between the landowner and NMLC. It is a partnership premised upon the mutual goal of preserving the conservation values of the property. The time and resources invested in creating a conservation easement are rewarded through the permanent preservation and sound stewardship of the land.

For more in-depth information on the conservation easement process see our “For Landowners” section. For further information regarding land conservation or to discuss the possibility of placing your property into an easement, please contact us.

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