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Project Details


Size:  1,760 acres (2nd of 2 easements – see Alegres Mountain Ranch South)

Location:  Catron County

Eco-Region:  Arizona-New Mexico Mountains

Conservation Values:  Agriculture, Scenic Open Space, Wildlife Habitat

Type of Project:  Purchased Conservation Easement

Date Completed:  May, 2009

Alegres Mountain Ranch North

Alegres Mountain Ranch is located in western New Mexico just south of Pie Town and exemplifies the quality and importance of the scenic, wildlife, and agricultural land values of Catron County. As a result of the cooperative partnership, New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resource Department, Forestry Division and NMLC were successful in protecting 1,760 acres of forested land on the western flanks of Alegres Mountain, one of the most prominent natural features in the area and a high point along the Continental Divide which runs through the property.

At 10,229 feet in elevation, Alegres Mountain towers over the surrounding country and affords majestic views in all directions. The natural habitat within the easement supports many wildlife species including elk, mule deer, black bear, and mountain lion. The easement will also help protect headwater areas for the Nester Draw and Middle Mangas Creek watersheds.

This conservation easement builds upon an existing 1,480 acre easement, Alegres Mountain Ranch South, that the landowner, Blake Tollett, donated to NMLC in 2008 to protect the southern portion of the ranch, bringing the total area of protected land on the property to 3,240 acres.



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