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Project Details


Size:  6 acres

Location:  San Juan County


Conservation Values:  Scenic Open Space, Wildlife Habitat

Type of Project:  Transferred Conservation Easement from the La Plata Open Space Conservancy

Date Completed:  May 2018

Dohner (Lynn) - Blackburn Property

Comprised of six acres of open meadow, mixed woodland, and riparian land along the east bank of the San Juan River near Blanco, NM, this property is bordered by conservation-easement protected private land to the south, and serves as a buffer to that land. Other private lands in the area consist primarily of small farms and large- and small-lot residential properties.

In an area that is being developed into rural homesites, the property provides visual relief for people in rafts navigating the San Juan River. There are views from the property from the sandstone cliffs across the river to the east.

The property’s riparian river bottom, flowing water, shrub understory, tall tress and open meadow provide the necessary habitat requirements for a variety of wildlife species – most of whom depend on this type of habitat at some stage in their life cycle – yet this type of habitat comprises a very small percentage of the land-area in New Mexico.

Although relatively small, this conserved property will likely see increased use by wildlife as surrounding lands are more and more densely developed.

The easement was transferred to NMLC in May 2018 from the La Plata Open Space Conservancy.

SH 6/2018


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