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Project Details


Size:  297 acres

Location:  Sierra County

Eco-Region:  Chihuahua Desert

Conservation Values:  Agriculture, Scenic Open Space, Wildlife Habitat

Type of Project:  Transferred Conservation Easement

Date Completed:  July, 2008

South Lake Valley Ranch

The Lake Valley Ranch conservation easement is located in the foothills of the Mimbres and Black Ranges, approximately 15 miles southwest of Hillsboro. The ranch consists primarily of Chihuahuan desert grassland and scrub, mesquite and juniper savannas, and riparian zones along Berrenda and Jaralosa creeks. The property provides excellent natural habitat for mule deer, pronghorn antelope, javelina, mountain lion, black bear, and a variety of small mammals and birds. The ranch is located along State Highway 27, which has been designated as a National Backcountry Byway, and is nearby the Lake Valley Historic (Mining) District. The conservation easement was originally granted by Jim and Katrina Winder to the Southern Rockies Agricultural Land Trust in 2002 and subsequently transferred to NMLC in 2005.

The property is adjacent to four other protected ranches – the Berrenda Creek Ranch, the North Lake Valley Ranch, the Diamond Cross Ranch and the Double Lightning Ranch – and is thus part of a larger protected landscape totaling nearly 19,000 acres. The property is currently being used for livestock production, ecological and archaeological research. The property is part of an innovative conservation development and is also occasionally used for passive recreational uses by adjacent homeowners.



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