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Get the Water Off the Road!

Roads are one of the biggest impediments to our watersheds. They collect, concentrate and divert the original natural surface flow-patterns, causing erosion, down-cutting and accelerating sediment contribution into the mainstream system. Steve Carson explains how to get the water off the road.
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A Major Win for Conservation in San Juan County

In a major win for private land conservation, the 12,451-acre B Square Ranch near Farmington, NM, was protected in perpetuity from subdivision and future development by two conservation easements, completed by and donated to the New Mexico Land Conservancy by landowner, Tommy Bolack, earlier this month.
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Stephen Fowler’s New Mexico Monitoring Adventure

Our summer stewardship intern this year, Stephen Fowler, has a keen photographic eye, particularly for wildlife, which he has a talent for sneaking up on with his camera. Enjoy this photographic tour, taken by Stephen while monitoring the 110 conservation easements we hold throughout the state.
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Land Conservation and the Curious Pronghorn

While out and about in the northeast grasslands of New Mexico, conducting the annual monitoring of the conservation easements we hold for some of the larger, conservation-minded ranchers in the area, our summer monitoring intern, Stephen Fowler, was fortunate to happen upon a herd of pronghorn. Stephen has a keen eye for wildlife and he wasted no time getting his camera out to bring us these images.
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