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Project Details


Size:  8 acres

Location:  Bernalillo County

Eco-Region:  Rio Grande Watershed

Conservation Values:  Agriculture, Scenic Open Space, Wildlife Habitat

Type of Project:  Donated Conservation Easement

Date Completed:  November, 2011

Witkin Farm

Witkin Farm is located in the South Valley of Albuquerque just off of Bridge Blvd. and Five Points Road.  The farm primarily consists of three pastures where the landowners, Joel and Barbara Witkin graze horses and llamas. The Witkins also produce honey on the farm and won 1st prize for their honey at the 2011 New Mexico State Fair!

Witkin Farm is a prime example of a conservation easement in an ever-increasing urbanized setting.  When on the farm it feels as if you’re in the country and away from all the noise and hustle and bustle of city life, when in reality you’re right in the middle of a very densely populated area.  The landowners wanted to protect this beautiful piece of land from development and conversion of valuable agricultural land to non-agricultural use.

We at the New Mexico Land Conservancy applaud the Witkin’s decision to conserve this jewel of the South Valley.




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