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In their own words
Making the compelling case for land conservation and conservation easement

Meet the ‘Accidental Ranchers”
–Dan & Ashlyn Perry

Hear in their own words how this couple has conserved and restored their Trout Stalker Ranch along the Chama River in northern New Mexico, with the help of the New Mexico Land Conservancy.

AT & Cinda_ PTrev

Bringing the Water Back
–Cinda & AT Cole Restore a Historic Ciénaga on their Ranch

“We’ve hardly planted anything,” A.T. says, pointing to the now-lush vegetation along the recovering ciénaga. “This is just from bringing the water back; the water is the key.”

View the dramatic ‘before and after’ photos of what restoration work can do for water in the desert Southwest!

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A lesser praire chicken male - all puffed up and ready to woo. Image J.N Stuart, Flickr

A ‘Lek Up’ for the Lesser Prairie Chicken in New Mexico! 

NMLC worked with a host of partners for nearly two years to complete its first US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS)─sanctioned Lesser Prairie Chicken conservation bank near Milnesand, NM. Here’s the story . . .

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Ranch entrance

All in the Family | 
Preserving the Legacy of the Bluewater Heritage Ranch
–Russ Nielson

How conservation easements helped keep this 4th generation family ranch in one piece and in active agricultural production. Here’s their story…

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web Recovered Arroyo_spring pasture_Ranney

Restoring Grasslands for ‘Bird-friendly’ beef

–The Ranney Ranch

How rotational grazing helped restore the grasslands and earn this ranch Audubon recognition. Here’s their story…

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