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Project Details


Size:  5 acres

Location:  Bernalillo County

Eco-Region:  Rio Grande Watershed

Conservation Values:  Agriculture, Scenic Open Space

Type of Project:  Donated Conservation Easement

Date Completed:  December, 2009

Sparks - West

The Sparks–West conservation easement is a prime example of an oasis of significant agricultural and scenic open space values in the middle of an intensely developed urban landscape. The Village of Los Ranchos shares NMLC’s belief in the importance of protecting these small open spaces and has joined NMLC as a co-holder for the conservation easement deed on this property. The owners, John and Cynthia Sparks, have been long-time advocates for land conservation and the donation of this conservation easement solidifies their commitment to urban land conservation.

Half of the property is under irrigated cultivation, producing hay for local buyers. The other half includes a stand of mature cottonwoods that form part of the area’s natural heritage— the middle Rio Grande “Bosque.”

NMLC understands the importance of conservation in an urban environment, and— including our past efforts in Corrales—has successfully completed several projects in the greater Albuquerque area that support the preservation of small-scale agriculture and scenic open space.



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