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Nick’s New Mexico Photo Journal

Our summer intern, Nick Jacobson, spent most of his assignment out on the land in New Mexico, conducting the annual monitoring of the 90-some conservation easements we hold for landowners throughout the state.

Nick often camped, sometimes fished, drove a lot, and shot many photographs for us from the field.

Nick was so busy with his stewardship work this summer that he is just now getting his photos edited and downloaded to us. So we will be sharing these with you in phases. The words are Nick’s and together with the images, offer a view of New Mexico as seen by someone for the first time.

[click the arrows on right side of photos to progress the slide show at your own pace.]



Nick Jacobson is a rising junior at Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Studying geography (with an emphasis in geospatial sciences) and environmental studies, his position as the New Mexico Land Conservancy’s conservation intern provided a wonderful opportunity for him to gain real-world experience while putting his academic experience to work. Nick has previously had research interests in the Namib Desert, working with an endemic conifer in the hyper-arid region. More recently, he has spent time working with an entomology-focused international biological control lab based in the Great Basin Desert. In 2019, Nick was named a Wallace-Carver Fellow by the USDA and the World Food Prize. When he isn’t spending time conducting monitoring visits in beautiful places for the NMLC this summer, you can probably find him deep in the mountains fly fishing and mountain biking

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