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Stephen Fowler’s New Mexico Monitoring Adventure

[click the arrows on right side of photos (above) to progress the slide show at your own pace.]

This year’s photographic tour of New Mexico is the work of NMLC’s summer intern, Stephen Fowler. He has a keen photographic eye, particularly for wildlife, which he’s frequently able to sneak up on, while conducting the annual monitoring of the 110 conservation easements we hold for landowners throughout this diverse and beautiful state.

NMLC’s mission is to help people conserve the lands they love. We are currently nearing completion of some major projects  which we will report on soon. Meanwhile, enjoy Stephen’s images!


Stephen Fowler, hails from College Station, TX,  where he is finishing a Master’s program in Ecology and Conservation Biology at Texas A&M University. In his free time, Stephen enjoys hiking the local trails looking for the next unsuspecting denizen to snap photos of. After spending the ideal day in the wilderness, Stephen likes to unwind by sketching some of his photos, reading a book, or watching some TV with his partner and their 8-month-old kitten.

For more of Stephen’s photography, visit his Instragram account at fowlerphotos.

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