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Lost Draw Conservation Bank

Area:  SOUTHEAST Size:  2,009 acres (easement) Location:  Milnesand, NM Eco-Region:  Level IV Shinnery Sands Conservation Values:  Scenic Open Space, Wildlife Habitat, Cultural/Historical, Agricultural Type of Project: Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Bank…

A ‘Lek Up’ For The Lesser Prairie Chicken In New Mexico!

A ‘Lek up’ for the Lesser Prairie Chicken in New Mexico!

With their unique sounds and elaborate dance displays, the Lesser Prairie Chicken is one of New Mexico's iconic reminders of our vanishing grasslands and a species losing ground to development. As construction begins this week on its monumental Sagamore Wind Project in eastern New Mexico, wind developer, Xcel Energy, voluntarily buys mitigation credits in New Mexico's first Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation Bank, the result of a two-year effort by a host of partners including: Common Ground Capital, RiverBank Conservation, Tomahawk CB LLC, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Mack Kizer/Lost Draw Ranch, and the New Mexico Land Conservancy (NMLC).  

Southeast Region

The Southeast Region includes counties: Chaves, Curry, De Baca, Eddy, Lea, Lincoln, Otero and Roosevelt,. The region encompasses large expanses of shortgrass prairie and Chihuahuan Desert, as well as the…

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