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Ed Kraft is an experienced business manager and executive. Recently retired from 21 years of service as Chief Executive Officer and Board member of an independent trust company operating in New Mexico and Arizona, building the company and serving clients across the country. He has held executive positions in the electric power industry, including responsibilities for division offices across the state of New Mexico, information systems, and customer service. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of New Mexico, with additional management training from the University of Michigan, and Stone & Webster. He is the founder of Apple Tree Ministries, serving families in Ukraine. He served two terms as board member of the UNM Anderson School Foundation. Ed and his wife, Alice, spend much of their time with family in the Jemez Mountains where they built a family cabin. Ed’s connection to the land includes spending considerable time in the Jemez, a lifetime exploring New Mexico back country, and preserving a family homestead in central North Dakota —a family legacy since 1917.

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