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Linda Brewer grew up on a farm in southern Ohio. Her life has been defined by land and animals since the beginning. She has had a long career as a potter, who specializes in animal sculpture.

Thirty years ago, Linda moved to New Mexico with her partner John Rohovec, a native New Mexican. She immediately bought a horse to explore the area. She found she was living in the best horse country imaginable. She and John opened Blue Dome Gallery, then 10 years ago with a group, bought Bear Mountain Lodge in Silver City. They expanded the Bear Mountain Lodge to include a cafe, gallery, outside sculpture walk, and opened the trails to the public. They have horses, cows, chickens and dogs in addition to all the wildlife on the property that borders the Gila National Forest. Her other passion is Mongolia (can’t go wrong with a country where the animals out number the people.) New Mexico and Mongolia face many of the same issues of land use, population, and tourism.

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